Ascend Student Ministries

At Ascend, we are about reaching students, investing in relationships, and teaching them how to live our their faith!  This is what we live, eat, and breathe!

Relationships are a vital part of what we do.  We want to connect with students, not just on a spiritual level (which is very important), but on a relational level as well.  We LOVE hanging out with students and doing life!

What can i expect when i come to ascend?

Encounters: On Sundays from 5-7pm, students gather to learn how to walk out their Christian faith and become a Christian community. The Encounters consist of Bible studies, as well as relationship building times. 

Experiences: On Wednesdays from 6:30-???, we have a relationship building time with students. This always involves something fun, but allows us to connect with students, and for students to connect with each other.